My experience so far

  • What was the biggest challenge you faced creating your store?
    • Setting up bogus gateway because it appeared a "warning" message that still makes em think that I did something wrong.
  • What worked really well when using our platform?
    • Everything very intuitive, well organised and made em realitze even more that Shopify allows everybody to create their own website and have it up and running no matter what your background is.
  • What could be improved when using our platform?
    • Per a la meva humble opinion, maibe to make it easier for merchants, we could add a picture "edit size", so they would be able to upload a picture without have use editing tools before and it directly on theme depending every case.
  • How did this experience help you build empathy for our merchants?
    • SO MOLTS! Això és a "To Do". Hauré en el meu llistat i tindreu saber que la part d'onboarding process. Nou I'm looking forward learning more and more in order to be able to improve my Test Store :)