At San Blas Kombucha we are proud of having achieved a 100% natural craft kombucha, produced in Barcelona, a drink with a high level of beneficial properties and a unique flavour

Our history

Summers at Grandpa Blas' house were fascinating immersions in nature.

A kitchen overlooking the sea, full of jars with spices, herbs and roots, with which, like a Druid, he cooked his ointments under the watchful eye of a group of mischievous cousins, full of curiosity about everything that that wise man explained to us. .

The memory of a very cold drink on the way back from the beach, exhausted and full of sand and salt. We greedily drank what our grandfather offered us, thinking that one day he would reveal some of his natural formulas to us.

Until one summer and as if it were a story, it revealed its secrets to us. Fascinated, we learned to make some of their home remedies, wisely using what nature offers to heal body and mind.

This is how we got to Kombucha, which at the time seemed like a soft drink, turned out to be much more than that. We do not stop researching and experimenting until today, when the dream of making that discovery known has finally come true. And as a family, as we like to do, we can introduce you to San Blas, our own brand of Kombucha.

The name of our dear grandfather inspired us to create a brand that always works with respect for nature, with an ecological spirit and thanking the planet for what it gives us.